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HP Genuine OfficeJet Printer Power Adapter 0950-3807 - Refurbished

HP Genuine OfficeJet Printer Power Adapter 0950-3807 - Refurbished
Price : 7,97€ excl VAT = 9,64€ incl VAT
Brand: HP HP
Product Code: 0950-3807

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HP Printer Power Adapter 0950-3807 - 18V DC 2.23A - for HP Deskjet Printers
HP DeskJet 710C
HP DeskJet 712C
HP DeskJet 720C
HP DeskJet 722C
HP DeskJet 810C
HP DeskJet 812C
HP DeskJet 815C
HP DeskJet 825C
HP DeskJet 825Cvr
HP DeskJet 830C
HP DeskJet 832C
HP DeskJet 840C
HP DeskJet 841C
HP DeskJet 842C
HP DeskJet 843C
HP DeskJet 845C
HP DeskJet 880C
HP DeskJet 882C
HP DeskJet 895Cxi
HP DeskJet 916C
HP DeskJet 940C
HP DeskJet 940Cw
HP DeskJet 960Cxi
HP DeskJet 985Cse
HP Digital Copier 310 C8431A, C8431AR
HP Fax 1230 Q1685A
HP Inkjet Fax 1220 C8461A
HP Inkjet Fax 1220xi C8462A
HP Inkjet Fax 1230 Q1685AR, Q1685A, Q1685P
HP OfficeJet 5000 Series
HP OfficeJet 5100 Series
HP OfficeJet 5105 Series Q1681A
HP OfficeJet 5110 Series Q1678A Q1679A, Q1679AR
HP OfficeJet 5110v Series Q1682A
HP OfficeJet 5110xi Series Q1680A
HP OfficeJet G Series C6734A, C6734AR
HP OfficeJet G55 C6736A, C6736AR C6736AR, C6736A,
HP OfficeJet G55xi C6738A, C6738AR
HP OfficeJet G85/G85xi C6737A, C6737AR, C6737B C6739A, C6739AR
HP OfficeJet G95 C6740A, C6740AR, C6740B
HP OfficeJet K60/K60xi C6748AR, C6748A, C6749A
HP OfficeJet K80/K80xi C6750A, C6751A
HP OfficeJet R40 C6680AR, C6680A, C6688AR, Cg6688A
HP OfficeJet R40xi C6687AR, C6687A
HP OfficeJet R45 C6692A
HP OfficeJet R60 C6683AR, C6683A
HP OfficeJet R65 C6693A
HP OfficeJet R80 C6684AR, C6684A
HP OfficeJet R80xi C6689AR, C6689A
HP OfficeJet T45 C5374A, C5374AR, C6669A
HP OfficeJet T45xi C6670AR, C6670A
HP OfficeJet T65 C6673A
HP OfficeJet T65xi C6674AR, C6674A
HP OfficeJet V Series All-in-One C8413C C8416C
HP OfficeJet V-Series (Internal Use Only) C8413C
HP OfficeJet V30 C8414A
HP OfficeJet V40 (Asia Pacific) C8419A
HP OfficeJet V40 C8416A
HP OfficeJet V40xi (Internal Use Only) C8417C
HP OfficeJet V40xi C8417A, C8417AR, C8417C,
HP OfficeJet V45 C8418A
HP PSC 500xi C7282AR, C7282A
HP PSC 5110
HP PSC 700 Series All-in-One
HP PSC 720 All-In-One C8425A
HP PSC 750 / 750xi Series All-in-One C8424A C8426A C8427A, C8427AR
HP PSC 750 Series All-in-One (Asia Pacific) C8429A
HP PSC 750/750xi ( C200 Internal Use Only) C8424A
HP PSC 760 Series All-in-One C8428A
HP PSC 900 Series All-in-One C8433A C8434A, C8435A, C8437AR, C8437A
HP PSC 920 Series All-in-One C8434A
HP PSC 950 All-in-One (Internal Use Only) C8433A
HP PSC 950 Series All-in-One C8436A
HP PSC 950vr Series All-in-One C8435A
HP PSC 950xi Series All-in-One C8437A, C8437AR
HP PSC Print/Scan/Copier 500 Series All-in-One C7281A, C7281AR
HP PhotoSmart 215 Digital Camera Bundle Y1431A

Productstatus:Tweedehands / Statut du produit:D'occasion / Produktstatus:Gebraucht / Product Status: Refurbished

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