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HP Printers - Dynamic Security enabled printers

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HP printers are designed to work with Original HP Ink and toner cartridges. As is standard in the printing Business, HP printers use a process to authenticate cartridges. In certain HP printers, this authentication process includes dynamic security measures. Dynamic security relies on the printer’s ability to communicate with the security chips or electronic circuitry on the cartridges. HP uses dynamic security measures to protect the quality of our customer experience, maintain the integrity of our printing systems, and protect our intellectual property.

Dynamic security

Dynamic security equipped printers are intended to work only with cartridges that have new or reused HP chips or electronic circuitry. The printers use the dynamic security measures to block cartridges using non-HP chips or modified or non-HP electronic circuitry.* Original HP cartridges that retain the original HP chip or electronic circuitry enable the refilling, reuse, or remanufacturing of the cartridge and are unaffected by dynamic security.

Firmware updates delivered periodically over the internet will maintain the effectiveness of the dynamic security measures. Updates can improve, enhance, or extend the printer’s functionality and features, protect against security threats, and serve other purposes, but these updates can also block cartridges using a non-HP chip or modified or non-HP circuitry from working in the printer, including cartridges that work today. Most HP printers can be configured to receive updates either automatically or with a notification that allows you to choose whether to update or not. To configure the online firmware update settings, please consult the user guide or manual for your printer. Manuals and other documentation can be found online by searching for your printer at https://support.hp.com/us-en/printer. Please note that enrolling your printer in certain HP programs such as Instant Ink or using services such as HP ePrint will require configuring the printer to accept automatic online firmware updates.

HP printers and Original HP cartridges deliver the best quality, security and reliability. When cartridges are cloned or counterfeited, the customer is exposed to quality and potential security risks, compromising the printing experience.

Please note that while the use of a non-HP cartridge does not void the HP Limited Warranty or any HP Support contract for the printer, any printer or printhead failure or damage that is attributable to the use of a non-HP cartridge will not be covered by the Limited Warranty or any such support contract. For more information on the HP Limited Warranty, please go to https://www8.hp.com/us/en/privacy/limited_warranty.html.

*Non-HP chips and modified or non-HP electronic circuitry are not produced or validated by HP. If you are using a non-HP cartridge, please check with your supplier to ensure your cartridge has an original HP security chip or unmodified HP electronic circuitry.


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